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Premium Promotional Golf Putters for Golf Outings and Personalized Golf Gifts.

Tour Preferred Stainless Steel

  • Electroplated Glossy Gold or Chrome for Long Lasting Revelry.

  • 3 Degree Face on Both Sides for Lefties and Righties.

  • Aluminum Face Inserts for a Super Soft Touch.

  • 330g Head Weight Intended for Any Level of Golfer.

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The Trophy Putter is a quality promotional product offering brand awareness in a fun and usable form. We have blended elements from golf’s golden age with modern putter and printing technologies, allowing the charm of golf to speak for your brand.

This one-size-fits-all putter is ideal for: golf gifts, golf promotions, golf novelties, golf prizes, golf awards, golf trophies, golf pride, swagger, the ambidextrous or experimentalists.

Double Sided Putters With Legibilty Up To 25 Feet!

Pride Isn’t Determined By The Score, Show Off.
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Widened no more than a straight-legacy-hickory shaft and condensed to an oval for a familiar look standing over the ball, we are able to maintain maximum legibility and design freedom.

Ultra thin stainless steel balances the added surface area to a professional swing weight. At just the width of your index finger, there’s no added drag to your stroke and your Trophy Putter is legible up to 25 feet away.

Commemorative Luxury Soft Grip

  • Standard Sized Grip with Advanced TPE Material for a Soft Feel and Classic Look.

  • Available in Black and White.

Total Putter Length: 35 inches.

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Receive unlimited PROOF’s via email when you customize any putter. Satisfaction or money back!

Printed and coated with industry leading technology and materials, The Trophy Putter will stay fresh for ages. We carefully vet our printing process to ensure your Trophy Putter is suitable for high-end enterprise.

Designed, Printed, & Assembled in U.S.A. Made in China. Patent # D813,964.


You’ve Hit Strides And Sunken Feats In The Proverbial Game Some Thought To Be Impossible.

Celebrate Your Game.