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Funny Putters for the Whimsical Golfer

Sometimes, what happens on the golf course shouldn’t stay on the golf course. Immortalize inside jokes and sayings with a custom golf putter. Show your golf friends that you care with any of our favorite sayings below, or place your own saying only they understand!

Select your putter's design and customize the text with your own message on the next page.

Sunday Is Holey Day Customize
The Late Putter Of John F. Kennedy Customize
Sweet Bermuda In The Summertime Customize
World's Best Putter Customize
The Ol' Billy Baroo Customize
The Perfect Cast Customize
Just Go To Your Home, Ball! Customize
Think Of Your Happy Place Customize
Zebra Stripes Sink Putts Customize
What Matters Is Leopard Spots Customize
Unretired Tiger Customize
Smoke Breaks Aren't Just For Smokers Customize
Clearly, I'm Working Here Customize
Vote Harambe 2016 Customize